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Reconnect with your energy, with your inner
wisdom, and with your spiritual self.
Embrace yourself.
This is Kuxtal
Enter Kuxtal, a sanctuary where the senses awaken and magic unfolds. Here, time fades away, and the soul finds its dwelling as you immerse yourself in the beauty of deep self-connection. In this sacred space brimming with love and positive energy, you'll discover the balance you yearn for, a healing that resides deep within your being, and an embrace that nurtures your thirsty spirit.In Kuxtal, your well-being stands as our most cherished priority.

Let yourself be enveloped by the peace emanating from every corner, by the harmony dancing in the air, and by the warmth caressing your skin. Here, every moment becomes a balm for weariness, a hug for the heart, and a melody for the soul. In Kuxtal, worries fade away, and tensions dissolve.

It is a refuge where dreams intertwine with reality, where nature's whispers guide you to fulfillment, and where self-love blooms like a flower in the garden of life.Allow yourself to be embraced by the gentleness of treatments, therapies, and ancestral practices that offer healing and rebirth. Here, skilled hands and devoted hearts unite in a symphony of care and devotion, guiding you to the very essence of your being.In Kuxtal, the present becomes a precious gift that unveils its treasures with each step. With every inhalation, you'll fill yourself with life; with every exhalation, you'll release what you no longer need. And so, you'll be immersed in the inner peace and fullness you so desire. Come to Kuxtal, where well-being is a constant dance, and self-love is celebrated in every heartbeat.

Here, an oasis of calm awaits you, a haven of serenity, and a sanctuary of transformation. In Kuxtal, rebirth awaits you, ready to embrace you and carry your soul to a new horizon.
Reconnect with your energy, with your inner wisdom, and with your spiritual self through a conscious practice of yoga: breathing exercises (Pranayama), meditation (Dhyana), and postures (Asanas). Attain physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our yoga shala is surrounded by the characteristic jungle of the region, where you can connect with the sounds and energy of the earth and nature in a deeper way, linking the individual soul with the universal cosmic soul. Namasté.
This style of yoga is excellent for restoring mobility, a great tool for healing the back, knees, lower back, and sciatic nerve. Using yoga blocks, blankets, straps, meditation cushions, and bolster pillows as tools. It is recommended for all ages, whether you're looking for a gentler yoga practice or for elderly individuals seeking a safe way to practice.
Children are naturally creative. With our kids' yoga classes, we channel their energy for both movement and the development of creativity, as well as to find moments of pause and relaxation. We offer a complete class where children can create, have fun, and learn all at the same time.
kuxtal experiences
kuxtal experiences
Immerse yourself in a moment of healing and relaxation as the sound waves vibrate in every cell of your body. A sound healing session is guided by quartz bowls, metal bowls, wind instruments, and gongs, directing the mind towards a state of deep relaxation.You will experience multiple benefits on a physical, mental, and energetic level, as the nervous system is balanced and our internal energy is reconnected. Additionally, you will feel a sense of peace and calm, granting the mind a profound rest.
The temazcal, an ancient Mesoamerican ritual, is a steam temple built in honor of the 9 lords of the Mayan underworld. It represents a return to the origin, to Mother Earth, and to the maternal womb. This ritual offers numerous benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, such as detoxification, introspection, and healing. Guided by the shaman, you will be led through four phases or "doors" that symbolize the four cardinal points, following their worldview.Discover this wonderful space and treat yourself to a moment of energetic and spiritual reconnection.
Enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach, as you connect with your senses, listening to the ocean waves and indulging in the aromas of essential oils, giving yourself a moment of pause and tranquility. Renew your energy, release tension, and treat yourself to some personal time – you deserve a break.
kuxtal experiences
In this workshop, you will plant your monthly intention on a canvas using different colors and textures. Watercolors are an excellent tool for nurturing your creativity, focusing your mind, and capturing the ideas and inspirations that flow through you onto the canvas. By the end of the session, you will be able to take home your creation, ready to be displayed in your house, serving as a reminder of the direction you want to guide your energy towards.
During this cacao ceremony, you will experience a sense of well-being and connection with yourself through the flavors of Mexico. Guided by a shaman and accompanied by live medicine music, it is a special way to connect with the energy of Mexico through its music and flavor. Cacao is an excellent tool for opening the heart, connecting with your inner energy, and generating happiness.
Explore the beautiful technique of modeling with quick-drying clay and its relationship with the elements - water, earth, fire, and air. Connect with the energy of the earth through your hands, allowing creativity to flow and creating objects to place in your special spaces. Let your imagination soar as you create bases for candles, incense holders, or items with sentimental value. It's an excellent tool for the whole family.
Enhance your experience with Aerial Training Yoga! Discover the impressive benefits of Aerial Training Yoga: it improves cardiovascular health, relieves lower back pain, reduces stress and anxiety, tones the body, enhances posture, and more. Don't miss the opportunity to explore a world of well-being. Book your Aerial Training Yoga session now and take your experience to new heights!
The Wim Hof Method combines breathing techniques and exposure to cold, such as ice baths. It offers various benefits, including increased energy, improved sleep, enhanced concentration, stress reduction, anti-inflammatory effects, relief from joint pain, and positive effects on the nervous system by increasing neurotransmitter levels and oxygenation capacity during exercise. However, it is not suitable for individuals with seizures, respiratory problems like asthma, a history of heart attacks, high or low blood pressure, or during pregnancy.
Kuxtal Program
wellness event by kuxtal
Wellness events
by Kuxtal
Immerse yourself in the magic of our retreats at Kuxtal, where the mind-body connection intertwines in a harmonious dance. Enjoy physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation in a sacred space. Nourish your body and soul, releasing tensions and revitalizing your vital energy. Find serenity and balance through conscious breathing and dive deep into meditation. Our retreats are an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, cultivating peace and love. Come and immerse yourself in the magic of Kuxtal, where nature inspires you on your path to wellness.
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