Acerca de Petit Lafitte

Aquellos que nos conocen sabrán que esta historia comenzó hace casi medio siglo. Fue un camino lleno de desafíos, aventuras y experiencias que coadyuvaron a forjar la identidad que hoy tenemos para continuar siendo un referente en la Riviera Maya.

En Petit Lafitte seguimos creciendo y lo hacemos gracias a la entrega y pasión de todos los que aquí colaboramos, personas cuyo profesionalismo han hecho de este pedacito de tierra un absoluto paraíso.

Nuestra conciencia colectiva se transforma, se adapta a nuestro entorno, se vuelve una con la Madre Tierra. Sabemos que el camino a la armonía se llega a través de la evolución. Nos convertimos en entes holísticos, sostenibles y sustentables.

¡Sean bienvenidos a Petit Lafitte!

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Bienvenido a Petit Lafitte

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Petit Lafitte: the best kept
secret in the Riviera Maya.
Our history, our heritage.
The Story of Captain Lafitte & Petit Lafitte: 50 Years in the Riviera Maya
More than 50 years ago, our story began. A journey filled with passion and challenges that have shaped us into what we are today, in the breathtaking Riviera Maya.From the very beginning, until we became a tranquil and special place, each step on this path has brought us to the present moment we share. We have faced challenges with strength, turning obstacles into opportunities and building our identity together.
We evolve
At Petit Lafitte, history comes alive thanks to the effort and dedication of each person who contributes here. Each individual has brought their skill to transform this corner into an authentic paradise, a special place for those seeking unique experiences.
A path full of learning
and experiences.
Throughout time, we have learned to live in harmony with our surroundings, connecting with nature. We understand that taking care of our home is essential, and we strive to be responsible in every action we take.
Our history
Every footprint on our beaches, every shared smile, adds to the story of Petit Lafitte. Every experience here melds with our roots, creating connections that endure over time.
We extend a warm welcome to Petit Lafitte. This is a place where the story continues to be written each day, with every sunrise, in every moment of relaxation by the sea, and in each instance when nature surprises us. We invite you to join our story, become part of our family, and play an active role in this constant evolution.
¡Welcome to Petit Lafitte!

Our Story Heritage

Those who know us will know that this story began almost half a century ago. It was a path filled with challenges, adventures, and experiences that contributed to shaping the identity we have today to continue being a reference in the Riviera Maya.

At Petit Lafitte, we continue to grow, and we do so thanks to the dedication and passion of all who collaborate here, individuals whose professionalism has transformed this small piece of land into an absolute paradise.

Bienvenido a Petit Lafitte

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