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Today we know, we understand and promote the art that involves making a drink. Time is combined with the accuracy in each measure of each ingredient resulting in a perfect formula.

More than enjoying a cocktail, we guarantee you enjoy a moment, a moment that will evoke each of your instincts

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Margarita classes

"One would think to see the waiter with our drink, which is that, a drink and nothing more. Little does it intrigue us to know its elaboration process or to know what it is made of, what makes it have such flavor or texture.

Fortunately, in life you always learn something new and this time I had to learn to make a real margarita, a classic and well-known cocktail.

From the hand of the expert mixologists in Petit Lafitte we learned more about the history of this drink and, of course, of tequila, its base liquor and everything that this involves. Mixology is a fascinating world that mixes aromas, flavors, colors and textures to create more than a cocktail; A craft drink. And that's amazing! "

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